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With great regret but we are not able to show you everything we do. Here we present our selected and most interesting projects.

The second generation of the iconic Renault 5GT Turbo launched in 1985. So we have a beginning and we have the end as you can see in the pictures. Now just have to do it!

Absolutely exciting and definitely interesting! There is no one who does not pay attention to him! Yes Peugeot 306 MAXI. A copy that is a faithful replica of the cult 90's racing car was made in our workshop.

It's a "stereo" project. Two twin Peugeot 208 R2 in the rally specification. We built them from scratch on the basis of 352 and 353 kits supplied by Peugeot Sport.

Beautiful, aggressive and unrivaled in the civil version! What more could you want? The Maverick X3 RS is a base for the rally raid version. So it must be still durable, safe and compliant with the requirements of the technical scrutineers.

A unique at global scale project - the Renault Clio IV RS EDC 200 in the COMBI chassis! Have you ever seen such?

"Poles and Hungarians are as a brothers ...!". But not only that what decided to choose classic Lada VFTS. Rear drive classic car is agreat fun and a perfect car for historical rallies.

This time specialists of "dirty work"!

Mud, dust and sand it's what Polaris RZR XP 1000 is doing great. Checking and some improvements than ready for the road (ie. wilderness)!

If it would be just a standard Polonez or a regular firefight brigade car, it is certainly would not come to us. We work only with special and unique projects. This car (called Millennium Falcon I) has trouble-free ride route from Katowice to TUNISIA! It is a rout of charity race ZŁOMBOL 2016. Crazy!

At 2Brally Classic VHC we are just starting another project. When will it be ready - nobody knows. How it will look like - we know today but you have to wait for the effect!

The new owner, a new life! Classic Renault Clio 1.8 16v went to us from the hands of the new owner. Everyone has their own vision, needs and tastes. Nearly one hundred hours of work and have not much missing to full readiness.


He came from far away and do not look too good. After the repair, it looks much better! He will once again enjoyed the owner.

Subaru N14 Tommi Makinen is a rally car, which must appear in every professional rally team. So it is with us! The history of the car goes back to Madagascar, so quick "SPA" and lets go on special stages.

We fulfilled our next two dreams! The first - Renault Clio Maxi in our rally garage – WE HAVE IT! The second - the only one and unique rally garage with a super stage on the ceiling – WE HAVE IT! All this to create a place unique in many respects. A place where every fan of motorsport will willingly spend time pursuing his passion.

Thank you everyone for your involvement in this crazy project!

A little over 200 working hours and 2Brally know-how. And? Rally car built by the factory specification based on chassis no 047 is ready. Very advanced design in every respect. We can confidently say - it is small R5 rally car!

The project for the long winter evenings! Comprehensive renovation of the iconic VW Beetle Karmann 1972.

Renault Megane RS 225 F1 has been sent to us on "rehabilitation". Modifications done outside the borders of our country, unfortunately ended customer dissatisfaction and thus lack the pleasure of driving this beautiful race car. Driving in safe mode can flustrate, isn't it! The treatment has been done and it works now (307.8 hp / 409 Nm). In addition, several works: shift light, seat OMP WRC-R on the slide rails, disconnection of warning buzzer, additional indicators, fuel level calibrator, .....

A large gap between R4 but this is Track Day project. It has everything what should be at thoroughbred EVO 10 - so have a fun in a perfect Saturday afternoon! Plenty of power, traction suitable, comfortable seats and belts hold! Nothing more nothing less!

The Renault Megane N4 project based on FIA N 5735 type approval. The only front-wheel drive car in the N4 class. Equipped with a claw gear, Cosworth electronics, Brembo Racing floating and ventilated brakes and the 270 hp/ 470 Nm engine. This is it!

Undoubtedly unique in Europe, the innovative project of modification of a Renault Megane RS 250 serial model. The „wellness&spa” phase 1 by 2Brally is a 530 hp and 616 Nm final product. Of course, the “wellness&spa” phase 2 by 2Brally has already been planned!

This is a small and inconspicuous "madman". Roll age, rally computer, sump guard and a few gadgets. Perfect base with great potential. Waiting for a few more modifications!